vape ejuice expiry

Will my vape e-juice go bad?

The short answer is Yes and no. If or not vape juice truly goes bad depends on how you define bad. E-Juice will not spoil and become dangerous similar to food or medicines, but it will lose flavor and effectiveness with time. Vape liquid is like processed food. The use-by date is not the moment when the juice becomes toxic; rather, it is an estimate of the time frame when the product will drop in quality.

Nicotine oxidation

The longer your vape juice ages, the chemical compounds will eventually start to break down. The main change to your e-Liquid is a process of nicotine oxidation.

Nicotine oxidation is done to e-Juices on during the production process, as some interaction with oxygen will enhance the flavor. 

Too much oxidation, however, will make your e-Liquid go stale. Once your bottle and the e-Juice is opened and exposed to air, the oxidation process will start again, and the product will eventually lose flavor.

Vape juice should be stored at room temperature

Extreme temperatures affect vape juice. Stored Your e-Liquid at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight, it will stay fresh longer.

How long before e-liquid goes bad?

Two years is the average life of most vape juice. A general rule, two years is a pretty safe bet if you don’t see an expiration date on your bottle.

Most vapers will never run into this issue as they will finish e-Liquid quickly. If this happens, don’t be scared of giving it a try, but be prepared for a poor taste or overall mediocre quality if the e-Liquid is really old.

How to store e-Liquid

As we mentioned room temperature and out of direct sunlight is the best way to store your juice. So this means avoid leaving it in the car especially in Dubai UAE, on windowsills or outside. Ideally, your e-Liquids should be placed where they are safe from small children or pets.

Is it safe to consume vape juice after its expiration date?

There is no evidence at this time to suggest that vaping an expired e-Juice is more or less dangerous than the stuff that’s hot off the shelf. 

But, the bad taste of expired e-Juice and the lower nicotine level may lead you to feel sick or uncomfortable.

If your vape is tasting stale, check how long you’ve had the same bottle of e-Juice. If it’s old, dispose of it and try a new bottle.

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