How to Clean Your Vape device or Ecigarettes?

How to Clean Your Vape device or Ecigarettes?


Cleaning any vape device involves cleaning all the components of your tank or atomizer. The process would usually consist of the disassembling of the vape device; it is, however, important to arrange the parts of the device so you know where each one goes.

Next, run water through the tank for few minutes to wash off excess residue and ejuice. If the tank still carries theHow to Clean Your Vape device or Ecigarettes? smell of the previous ejuice, you can dip all the tanks components in a mixture of alcohol and water to wash away residues and smells that you were able to wash off with water.

Then clean and dry with a towel or cloth to remove stubborn residue.

How to clean your coil and subhom coils?

Coils and subhom are a replaceable parts of the vape; when the coil is weak or burnt, it must be replaced; however, cleaning the coil from time to time could increase the lifespan of the coil but once the cotton is burned, then cleaning will not work. 

Ways you can clean your coils includes:

  1. Place them under a running tap to get rid of excesses that may have clogged the coil.
  2. Put them in a bowl containing alcohol and leave it overnight and cover up to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. Usually, you should see a change in colour.
  3. Place them again under running water to remove any particles that may still be there.
  4. Air dry to get rid of all moisture.


Prevention is better than cure, so in this case, maintaining is cheaper and cost-effective than replacing the components. In order to always ensure that the taste of your flavour is great, it is important that you clean up your tank properly.

It is imperative to know the strength of your ejuice so you do not overload it with the wrong item, which could cause damage. The other important item that needs care is the battery of your device; you should check them at all times so as ensure they are not damaged; it could affect the taste of your flavour due to week power and also could be hazardous.