Quick help tips to improve your vaping experience

vape Helpful tips and advice on a yellow office note

Atomize can’t be recognized by the MOD

  • The MOD keeps asking “New coil (+)” or “Old coil (-)”. It can’t detect the atomizer due to the short circuit of your tank or your MOD.
Suggestions & Solutions
  • Please use a pin to stick on the 510 connector to see if it can be fixed or not. If theHelpful tips and advice on a yellow office note problem remains, please refer to the next step.
  • Please try other tanks or coils with your MOD and try the same tank on other MODs to check if it is working so as to confirm whether the problem is in the tank or the MOD.
  • If it is the MOD issue, please try to upgrade the firmware of the MOD.

Coil burning quickly

  • If your coil burnt out within a short time of using, the following might be the causes of the issue:
  • You didn’t prime the coil before vaping.
  • The E-liquid you fill in is not enough.
  • Improper vaping settings of power.
  • You vape too frequently.
Suggestions & Solutions
  • Prime the coil and start with a low wattage for the first several puffs.
  • Fill the E-liquid over the minimum line make sure the e-juice covers the cotton.
  • While vaping, please make sure the power of the MOD is within the power range that the coil can support.
  • Weight for 5 minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated before vaping.

Error on reading resistance

  • Sometimes your MOD might not read the resistance correctly. The resistance may display a little high or low on the screen. This issue may be caused by the following factors:
  • The resistance detection component might be broken.
  • The 510 connector might be loose.
  • The tank doesn’t work fine.
Suggestions & Solutions
  • Please use another tank to work with the MOD and make sure the tank is working fine.
  • Please make sure the 510 connector are tight.

By Air

  • There is a possibility of e-liquid leakage at high pressure when you travel by air. Therefore, please separate your pods from other essential objects, and wrap them in plastic.
Suggestions & Solutions
  • There may be slight condensation of fluid due to the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature when you use the device. It is advisable to take out the pod and shake it downwards.