What is steeping?

Steep e-juice

What is steeping?

Steeping is normally defined as putting a solid in water to soften or to extract flavor—like steeping tea. When referring to e-juice steeping, the word takes on a slightly different meaning. The more appropriate term would be “aging” your e-liquid.

Steeping e-juice is letting it age to improve flavor. There are many ways to achieve it, and we will discuss in depth. Basically, letting the e-juice sit, the most important factor in this what is the right time that is best for the ingredients PG/VG, flavorings, and nicotine to blend together. 

There is a lot of misinformation on the topic, but we will try to break it down into three categories. 

  • Steeping
  • Breathing
  • Streathing

Why to steep e-juice?

Steeping is a process that is mainly relevant when mixing your own vape juice, This doesn’t mean that it is not relevant to commercial e-juice, and there is no benefit from some steeping. 

Most juice on the market is steeped—as it’s probably has been on the store shelves for some time—but made-to-order juice is not as is fresh! It will get much better if you let it steep for a while.

Steep e-juice

Steeping e-juice place your closed e-liquid bottles in a cool and dark place, such a drawer or a cupboard, for an extended period; you also should shake the bottles every once in a while to help accelerate the process. The reality is that steeping takes time—although there are some ways to speed up the process a bit.

How to streath e-juice

Streathing is basically a mixture of steeping and breathing, therefore the name. To streath your juice, begin by shaking the bottle after running it under warm water from the tap. After that, take the caps off and put them in a cool and dark place for two hours. Replace the cap on and shake well.

Heat the e-juice bottle under warm water; inside, the vegetable glycerin will thin out, making it similar to propylene glycol. The idea here is that flavor molecules will be more mixable with the thinner base. Once the glycerin is back to room temperature, the juice will get back to its normal viscosity, but the flavors should stronger.

How long does steeping the e-juice take?

It is dependent on the juice and your view of the taste. Fruity flavors usually require the least amount of steeping time—vape juices with fruity concentrates usually need 24 to 48 hours to reach their flavor peak. Tobacco and creamy dessert flavors usually require more steeping to maximize the flavor. We recommend that you steep them for a minimum of two weeks.

The reason to steep vape juice in Dubai is to get the ideal flavor out of the juice, so once it tastes good to you, then it’s done.