Beginners Guide to Vaping For The First Time

Let us first start with some vaping glossary

If you’re new to vaping you might not be familiar with a few terms that might not be in your everyday speech. Here, we have a breakdown of the words you should know and their definition,

so you’ll be talking like a professional.

APV: Advanced Personal Vapouriser

Atomiser: The part of a vape device that converts the e-liquid to vapourVape device dubai

Automatic: An vape device that works when inhaled and not pressing a button

Battery: A rechargeable battery that powers the vape device

Cartridge: This is the part that holds the e-liquid

Cloud chaser: Individuals who create big clouds of vapour, sometimes competitively

Coil: The wire that heats the e-liquid

Draw: Equivalent of taking a drag from a traditional cigarettes

E-Cigarette: Electronic cigarette. Also known as e-cig for short

E-liquid: The liquid that is vapourised. Also known as a vape juice, smoke juice, flavour and liquid

Kick: The hit at the back of the throat when vaping

Manual: A vape device that works when pushing a button.

Mod: A modified vaping device

Starter Kits: Everything you need to begin your vaping journey

Tank: Clear chamber that holds the e-liquid

Vape: The act of using a vape device, the e-cig itself, as well as describes the vapour that comes out of an e-cig

Vaping: Using a vape device or e-cig

Vapour: The cloud is produced when vaping.

Wick: Made from cotton, it helps the e-liquid flow to the atomiser

Disposable Vape Device: A disposable vape is a small, nonrechargeable device that is precharged and already filled with e-liquid.Disposable Vape Bundle and Save

What do I need to start vaping?

Bawadi Vape Dubai offer a lot of Starter Kits from premium leading brands that will include everything you need for your first time. They have been designed specifically for those with little or no vaping experience.Starting with an easy-to-use device or a disposable vape device will help you become familiar with the process before moving onto bigger and higher wattage products. Remember that the experience is meant to be enjoyable, so it’s a good idea to take it slow and go to the next level when you’re ready.

Choosing the flavour

After you have picked your vape device style, you’ll need to choose an e-liquid. Now, it is difficult to tell you what your taste buds would like but we can tell you there are over a hundred different flavours to choose from – andICED GRAPEFRUIT BY TOKYO SALT NIC they’re all satisfying. Whether you like something sweet like a dessert, or prefer fruit, or even the imitation taste of a Cuban Cigar, you have to enjoy the experience by trying different e-liquids to find the ones that best resonate with you.